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Firm Support Services

We understand public accounting and what kind of struggles firms are facing today. SWR has many solutions that are designed to support you and any of your partners to ensure that your work load is managed and your stress levels are lowered.

How can our professional services benefit your company?

Let us be your secret weapon that takes care of the boring, tedious, and time consuming tasks that are slowing down your current staff. We are a cost effective solution that allows you to get work done without drowning your staff.

By using us to help support your workload you can have your in-house staff focus on learning and value-added activities.

One of the ways we are different from other outsourced firms is that we strive to make the workflow seamless. We operate on similar time zones as many of our clients and are always available to answers questions.

SWR is a public accounting firm itself and through our partners experience we understand what good workpapers are. We know that accuracy is important as well as providing deliverables that are easy to review. Our goal is to save time, not create more work.

Utilizing us as a supporting team member allows you to focus on serving your clients, business development, and freeing up your time to have less stress during deadlines.

Serving clients at a high level is our passion and we will treat you and your clients with the same level of care as we do our own.

Some examples of ways we can help:

  • Annual bookkeeping for small clients – pulling data off bank statements or excel files to put it in a format that is ready for tax returns.

  • E-file issues with authorizations, set-up, qualifying, cleaning rejects, etc.

  • Trial balance formatting for import into your software

  • Accurate and efficient data entry

  • Document management – Organizing, naming, and reviewing files

How can we help you?

Tyler G. Disk, CPA


+1 (706) 414-9894

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Call or text us at:

+1 (404) 490-3366

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