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Bookkeeping is the basic foundation for tracking the performance of your business. We feel strongly that accurate and timely bookkeeping is important for you to measure your performance and monitor cash flow.  While bookkeeping can be simple, we work with you to understand your business and make sure that your financial records are being managed in a way that provides valuable insights.

How can our professional services benefit your company?

We work with clients to come up with a schedule so that we are updating your books as often as you need, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

Our focus is making sure that we are helping you measure your financials according to what is important for your business.  We work with you to make sure your books are being tracked the way you need – whether it is revenue by customer or product type, spend by category, or inventory inputs/turnover.

You can expect timely and accurate reporting pushed to you on an agreed upon schedule. We push the information to you so you don’t have to ask for it or find it yourself.

SWR’s customized approach allows us to provide cost efficient solutions that match your needs.

When you work with us you will see a high level of care that we put into your business. We are hands on and are always willing to talk with you to answer questions or explain what is going on to make sure you take away the correct information.

How can we help you?

Tyler G. Disk, CPA


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